The best sauna houses, that look good in every yard!

2,1D 4m terrassiga
ovaalsaun, munasaun, kümblustünn

500+ happy sauna owners in Estonia and abroad

Our unique products have won Estonia’s favorite product title – the Eggsauna in 2018 and the Eggcabin in 2019.

Lõuna-Eesti parim toode 2018, 2019

Thermo-treated wood

Usable all year round

High quality

No need for construction permit

Estonian handicraft

Arel Plus has over 20 years of experience in sauna house (tube saunas, egg saunas, oval saunas) production. Our team is dedicated to high quality product creation and all our sauna houses are made to give you the best sauna experience possible. Find your favorite from our standard products or ask for a personalized offer for special solutions. We are always here for you!
Arel Plus team

  • A great sauna. They know what they are doing. The sauna is…

    Loe täispikka arvustust

    Ander P.

  • Beautiful design. Fits well into our garden. I like that it is not average but has a more special look.

    Anneli K.

  • A good hot sauna. What I wanted. Works well during winter too.

    Loe täispikka arvustust

    Henri L.

A new way to enjoy sauna

Are you over saunas where the heat gets trapped under the ceiling? How to make your visit to the sauna even more enjoyable and special?

Here’s an innovative solution for you – the steam will go straight up from the stove, move above the bench along the curved ceiling and fall down on you softly like a blanket.

The solution is so good, that it is patented!

Did not find the sauna house that fits your needs? Contact us and ask for an offer for a specialized solution.

Do you dream of a sauna house, summer home or a camping that fits your exact needs and wishes? We offer specialized solutions that can do that! Contact us and ask for an offer – do not worry, our professional team will help find the best solution for you!

Arel Plus has long-term experience in building these wooden constructions. In addition, we have a lot of production experience in log sauna houses and home building.

  • Do you want a 70mm log sauna house?
  • Do you offer accommodation and want new camping houses?
  • Do you want a home?

Let us know!

Why Arel Plus?

High quality ensures the best sauna experience

The construction quality of our saunas is the highest, because we use specially 40 mm thermally treated spruce in the end walls, which ensures excellent heat retention and allows you to enjoy the sauna all year round. So you can enjoy the best sauna experience exactly when you want it.

The sauna house of your dreams – exactly according to your wishes

It is important for us that your sauna house exactly meets your wishes and preferences. If you want, for example, bigger windows or change the size of the rooms, let us know your wishes and we will help you find a suitable solution. Our professional team is always ready to help you create the sauna house of your dreams

Stylish Design – Enhance your home with elegance.

The beautiful design of our saunas has repeatedly received praise from customers. Our product range includes several unique sauna models, such as the oval sauna “Munasaun” or the Barrel saunas “Grettel” and “Ants”, which make every garden more beautiful. Each model has its own charm and uniqueness, and you can choose your favorite according to your taste and wishes choose a suitable sauna house here

Fully equipped sauna house – we will find the right solution for you

The full sauna package allows you to enjoy the perfect sauna experience without worrying. The price of the package includes everything you need for a high-quality sauna: assembled sauna house, stove set with heating stones, chimney and exterior finishing according to your wishes. It is also possible to order a number of additional options, such as electricity availability, hot water tank, panoramic windows and much more.

Choose the color scheme that suits you

We allow you to choose a color solution that emphasizes the beauty of your house and garden and helps the sauna blend naturally with the surrounding environment.

Enjoy your sauna all year round

When building the end walls of our saunas, we use 40 mm thick heat-treated spruce, which ensures excellent heat retention and durability of the sauna. In addition, it allows you to enjoy pleasant sauna experiences in the sauna all year round. The saunas are handcrafted in Estonia but designed also for use in the Nordic climate.

Fast and effortless installation

Sauna installation is easy, because we will send you a plan of the legs of the sauna, and you will have enough time to prepare a suitable base for it. If you need help building a base, we will be happy to give you recommendations and instructions. You don’t have to worry about the foundation!

A sauna house that does not require a building permit

Arel Plus saunas do not require a building permit. So you only need a little space in the corner of the garden and a great desire to enjoy the sauna.

Forget about long delivery times

Setting up a small sauna in your garden may seem like starting a big project, but our fast delivery process ensures that the sauna will be in your garden in just 4-6 weeks. Soon you will be able to enjoy heating even on a daily basis.