Eggsauna “Egg 2 You”

Price 4484 eur

* Price excl VAT 3736 eur

  • Thermowood spruce 40mm
  • Assembled
  • Heater Stoveman 13R + stones
  • Modular chimney
  • 40-liter water tank

The egg-shaped sauna house Egg2You is one of our smallest but at the same time cutest sauna models. The Egg2You sauna house is designed primarily for use by two people. Since it is a small and light sauna house, it can be installed almost anywhere.

Egg2You seest

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Evaluation of the sauna4,8

Compact – best for a small home garden

Usable all year-round

Technical information

2-4 people

Weight: 750 kg

Heating time: 30-40 minutes

Firewood length: 30 cm

Sauna house length: 1900 mm

Sauna house width: 1750 mm

Exterior door with one glass (6mm bronze) 1650 mm x 700 mm

Steam room length: 1550mm

Steam room height: 2100mm

Sauna set: stove Stoveman 13R, heating stones, modular chimney, 40-liter water tank.

Possible additions and special solutions:electrical readiness.


The egg-shaped sauna house “Egg 2 You” is one of our smallest, yet cutest saunas. The sauna house is made of high-quality thermowood spruce, which ensures a long life of the sauna building.

The ovoid shape gives a very unique and pleasant steam experience, because due to the lack of corners, the steam moves evenly in the sauna.

To enjoy the pleasant steam, the sauna room has single-level black alder platforms and the sauna door with one large window made of high-quality glued wood lets in daylight. Since it is a small and light sauna house, it can be installed practically anywhere. Sauna house “Egg 2 You” is intended for use primarily by two people.

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