Outdoor toilet “Quail egg”

Price starting from 2300€ + VAT

*The price includes the Biolan outdoor toilet pot

  • Assembled
  • Patented design
  • Usable all-year round

Stylish design


Smell free

All year use


Our “Quail egg” outdoor toilet is the jewel of every garden. There are few such products that look so cute but are at the same time very necessary and practical. Introducing an outdoor toilet in your garden gives you the opportunity to organize bigger garden parties and other special occasions more carefree. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about an unpleasant smell, because the Biolan outdoor toilet pot that we use in “Quail Egg” is completely odorless. After each use, a little bit of special peat must be added to the pot, and when the hopper is full, you can empty it easily and without any problems.

Technical information

Weight: 750 kg

“Quail egg” length: 1900 mm

“Quail egg” width: 1750 mm

Exterior door with one glass (6mm bronze) 1650 mm x 700 mm

The quail egg set includes a Biolan dry toilet pot

It is also possible to order electric preparation with LED outdoor lighting.

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