Hot tubs

D-1.7m hot tub with 35kw external stove 1550 eur + 22% VAT

D-2.1m 35kw hot tub with integrated stove 1800 + 22% VAT

  • Thermowood shell
  • Fiberglass content
  • 35kw marine aluminum stove
  • Stairs
  • Tent cover

Fiberglass content

Thermowood shell

Complete set

Very durable


A proper home spa definitely includes a hot tub. There aren’t many things more enjoyable than jumping from a hot sauna into a cool hot tub or enjoying the starry sky with your loved one in a hot tub.

Enjoying the hot tub miraculously relieves everyday stress and brings new pleasant thoughts to mind.

The shells of our hot tubs are made of high-quality 40 mm thick thermal spruce and the contents of extra durable glass plastic.

The barrels are equipped with a 35kw heating power marine aluminum furnace, stairs and cover. So the set has everything you need.

Technical information of the 1.7m and 2.0m hot tub

Weight: 150kg / 200kg

Capacity: 4-5 people / 5-6 people

Diameter: 1.7m 1100L / 2.0m 1800L

Heating time: 2-4 hours

The set includes: 35kw marine aluminum stove, stairs and tarpaulin

Possible extras and special solutions: thermal coating, electric heating with filter system