Eggsauna is our most popular model, which is praised by clients from Estonia and abroad. They say it has added that something, that was missing from their garden. The egg-shaped sauna makes your garden cozier and gives you a sauna experience like no other.
It’s in the special way the heat moves. The steam goes straight up from the stove, moves above the bench along the curved ceiling and falls down on you softly like a blanket. What more could you want!

Oval sauna “Ants”

Oval sauna “Ants” is a great addition to every garden. It comes in many sizes; everyone will find one for themselves. And the steam in “Ants”! It distributes evenly in the room and surrounds you from head to toe with the intensity that you want.

Tube sauna “Grettel”

Tube sauna “Grettel” is the jewel of every garden. It makes your garden cozier and gives you a sauna experience like no other. The secret is in the steam, that distributes evenly in the corner-free room and surrounds you comfortably. Everyone gets their own share of the heat – stronger or milder as you prefer.

Other products and special solutions

Do you wish to get a hot tub next to your sauna or a stylish outdoor toilet “Quail Egg”? Want to offer extra accommodation in your home or summer home with an adorable camping or a bigger log house? Arel Plus has thought of everything to make your home or summer home a real relaxation and holiday center. On this page you’ll find everything that previously was a bit overshadowed by our saunas. Here they are all together and have their chance to shine. Look at what we have to offer and let your dreams go wild.