Why is thermo-treated spurge the best material for a sauna?

  • Weather-proof

    Thermo-treated spurge is durable in different and changing weather conditions.

  • Conducts less heat

    The material does not get as hot in the sun and keeps the heat inside the sauna.

  • Weighs less

    Thermo-treated wood weighs less than untreated one, because the treatment removes wax and moisture from the wood.

  • Eco-friendly

    Thermo-treatment is free of chemicals.

  • Stable and durable

    The thermo-treatment improves the durability of the wood. It also reduces the expansion of the wood due to moisture.

Why should you choose an Arel Plus sauna?

The highest construction quality

We use 40mm thermo-treated spruce at the end walls. This doesn’t let heat get out and lets you use it all year round.

We have tested our saunas in the rough ocean winds on Denmark’s shore, where a lot of our clients live. We have improved the wind and water proofness of our saunas even more thanks to their feedback. We use seals inside the tenons, wall connectors are sealed with weatherproof silicone.

A sauna made for you

It is important for us that you get a garden sauna you like. If you wish for bigger windows or a huge terrace, we will do it. Just let us know.

Thought-out design

The beautiful design of our saunas is complimented by our clients again and again. The unique oval sauna “Eggsauna” or tube saunas “Grettel” and “Ants” are the jewels of every garden. Each model has its own charm, choose your favorite here.

Fully equipped

You’ll get everything you need with our sauna. Except the bath whisk, that you’ll need to get from the forest or a store.

The sauna package includes: Sauna house, bench, stove (with stones, chimney, water tank), electricity readiness, lights in the sauna and lounge (and on the terrace if you wish to) and floorboards.

All year round use

We use 40mm thermo-treated spruce and all connections are sealed with weather-proof materials. That means you can use our saunas all year round.

Easy instalment

No need to worry about foundation. Once we have agreed on the details, we’ll send you the plan for sauna legs. You’ll have 4-6 weeks to make the base for it. If you don’t know how, we can give you recommendations and directions.

Personal approach

If you have not found the sauna of your dreams, contact us and we’ll find a solution for you.

No need for construction permits

Arel Plus saunas do not need construction permits. All you need is some space in your garden and a wish to enjoy sauna.

FAQ about the saunas

Yes, the sauna will arrive in one piece and will be ready for use. The only things that need to be assembled after the arrival are the last part of the chimney with the seal and the stove stones.

Yes, you can. The sauna is made of 40mm thermo-treated wood, so it does not let heat out. The hot and slightly steaming “Eggsauna” looks nice in a snowy garden.

Showers are included in all our saunas. The are holes in the floor for the water and we offer a hot water tank between the chimney.
In the two-room saunas the shower is in the steam-room, the three-room saunas have a separate room for the shower. Our showers are traditional bowl showers, so you do not have to worry about freezing pipes.

Because we use thermos-treated wood, which “plays” a lot less than ordinary spruce, there’s usually no need to adjust them.

The ventilation is provided with different ventilation holes.

The delivery period is 4-6 weeks.

If you want bigger windows or a terrace, then you must have it. Let us know about your wishes in the form on the side and we will find a solution.

If you are interested in our saunas or have additional questions, feel free to contact us.
We’ll be available by phone immediately and will answer e-mails the next workday the latest.