ABCs of buying a sauna aka where to start?

Having a sauna has been an Estonian tradition for hundreds of years and going to the sauna is part of our culture. The sauna is a place where to relax, let go of your worries and that’s why many people want one for themselves. However, you need to prepare before buying a sauna to find the best fit for you.

As 2023 is the year of sauna in Estonia, I want to write about how to start the sauna buying process to find the one that suits your needs.

Before buying a sauna, the client should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What kind of a sauna do I want?
  2. How many people should fit in the sauna?
  3. What is my budget for the sauna house?
  4. Where will I put my sauna? Does a truck have access to that place?
  5. What should be the design of the sauna? (hot tub, oval sauna, egg sauna)
  6. What additional equipment do I want? Do I want a bigger water tank, a lounge room or a terrace with electricity readiness?
  7. What wood do I want my sauna to be made of?

These questions will help the client to explain their requirements and wishes and make thought out decisions. This blog will focus on ready-built saunas.

Once you’ve have figured out which sauna type you prefer the next step is to decide how much room to you want. This depends on how many people will be using the sauna together. If the sauna house is in use for family or a small group of friends, one that fits 2-3 people is usually enough. If it’s for a bigger group, then you should choose a bigger sauna.

In addition to the number of users you should consider possible special needs. If some of the users are elderly or have difficulty moving around, you should choose a sauna with enough room for everyone to move and with an easy access.

One of the most important aspects of a sauna is the material it is made of, which determines its durability and longevity. The right materials ensure that the sauna can be used for a long time and the experience is enjoyable.

Thermo-treated wood is the best choice for saunas. Thermo-treatment is a process where the wood will be heated in a 200-degree Celsius oven with little contact to air. This changes the properties of the wood and makes it more resilient, stable, and less susceptible to pests, bugs, or mold.

Thermo-treated wood is ideal for saunas, because it tolerates high humidity and temperatures well, which is important for a sauna. Thermo-treated wood does not release moisture or secrete vax, which could cause respiratory problems or allergies. In addition, thermo-treated wood has a beautiful and unique finish, which is ideal for the exterior of sauna houses.

Although saunas made of thermo-treated wood can be a little more expensive than other types of sauna houses, their durability and natural look are definitely worth the investment. Thermo-treated wood saunas are more eco-friendly too because the treatment does not use chemicals or harm the environment.

In the construction of wooden saunas, the use of seals is very important. If the tenon connections are not sealed tightly there may occur cracks, which will let air and moisture in. This can lead to humidity-damage and mold in the sauna.

The sauna stove is one the most important devices of a sauna and will determine the sauna experience. The power and size of the stove must be in accordance with the size of the sauna and the type of the stove (wooden or electric) depends on the sauna type. Wooden stove is more traditional but needs more effort and attention. Electric stove is easier to use, but can use a lot of electricity and affect your electricity bill.

At Arel Plus we use high quality and durable thermo-treated wood for our saunas, which is especially suitable for the Nordic climate. We use seals in the tenons, which most of our competitors do not.

We make saunas according to your specific needs, including the size and equipment.

We use reliable transportation partners to deliver our saunas. The instalment is quick and proper, so that the client could start enjoying their sauna as soon as possible.

Arel PLus OÜ – Best and the most enjoyable sauna experience!*

Raul Uibopuu

*based on client feedback